Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions about invoicing and quotes? Get detailed answers on how we handle pricing, billing, and estimates. We’re committed to making the process clear and straightforward for you.

FAQ – Services

Unfortunately, we do not offer emergency plumbing services. Our hours of operation are from 8 AM to 4 PM, Monday through Friday, and typically have a lead time of 3 to 5 business days from Quote-Approval to Servicing.

After an assessment has been made and an estimate has been sent, our lead time is usually about 3 to 5 business days from Quote-Approval to Servicing. However, this varies depending on the time of year, size of your project, etc.

We guarantee that our work (and the materials we provide) will be free from defects in craftsmanship for one year from the date your service is completed. All repairs connected to the work we performed are free of charge within that one year period.

In most cases, yes. Our technicians are skilled in various trades. For tasks like replacing a faucet and a light fixture, we can usually handle both during one visit. For larger or complex tasks, we might send separate technicians, but it’s possible they can still come on the same day. Scheduling further in advance increases the chance of consolidating tasks in one appointment.

Generally speaking, we do any and all “trim/ lite” electrical work. That is installing light fixtures, replacing electrical switches, etc. However, we do offer some more complex electrical services like running a new outlet, upgrading pre-existing electrical panels, etc. We typically defer more complex “rough” electrical work, such as full rewiring, exterior buried conduit projects, or running new electrical lines where they are not yet present.

We do not have a General Contractor License, nor do we have any licensed electricians on staff. However, we would not contract any electrical work that would require licensure according to Chicago Code. However, building-specific (HOA) requirements are often more strict. That said, our electricians are well trained with decades of experience, and the projects we take on are tasks they encounter and accomplish regularly. Our business is, of course, fully licensed and insured.

The safety of everyone on site is always our top priority. If there’s a serious electrical issue, such as sparks, smoke, or a burning smell, we will immediately shut off power to the affected area or the entire building, as needed. From there, a deeper assessment and diagnosis will be performed to isolate and repair the problem. If the issue has been caused by our team and we don’t feel confident in a solution, we will contract a licensed electrician at no cost to the client. The client will be promptly notified through all phases.

Generally, you should expect to block off about 1 – 2 hours for simple electrical projects like replacing an outlet or fixture. It may not take that full time, but having sufficient time blocked off creates a buffer for any unique circumstances. A simple swap-out assumes proper wiring, electrical boxes, framing support, etc.

We can install smart devices, such as doorbells or thermostats, but cannot assist with the tech-support set-up of those devices. Electrical and tech support are different trades/ industries.

We guarantee that our work (and the materials we provide) will be free from defects in craftsmanship for one year from the date your service is completed. All repairs connected to the work we performed are free of charge within that one year period.

We provide a wide range of carpentry services, from simple door adjustments, to full door and jamb/ frame/ trim replacements. We also do carpentry reframing related to drywall projects, as well as exterior carpentry, like replacing rotted deck boards, for example (though we do not do full deck rebuilds). Depending on the situation, we can often assist with cabinetry adjustments or repairs, but we do not offer any custom cabinetry services.

Our carpenters are well trained with decades of experience, and the projects we take on are tasks they encounter and accomplish regularly. Our business is fully licensed and insured. 

It’s not uncommon for unexpected issues to arise during a carpentry project, specifically as a result of rotted wood. Anytime an increased scope of work is unexpectedly deemed necessary on a project, we will pause to discuss the solution with the client. Additional charges may apply. We may not be able to accommodate preference-based changes proposed by a client after a project has already begun, as our pricing and schedule is set based on a predetermined scope of work. However, we will do our best to accommodate as quickly as possible.

– We don’t usually do custom builds, and assembling an IKEA bookshelf, for example, varies depending on the size of the unit. However, furniture assembly often takes much longer than might seem intuitive, and can be relatively expensive. 

– For replacing a door, you can usually expect to leave a full day blocked off for the project. 

– Wainscotting largely depends on the size of the area being covered, the specific materials, the trim included, any specific angles and corners, etc. It’s difficult to estimate without a proper assessment.

We don’t usually do custom builds or offer design advice. For the most accurate input on whether or not your project is something we are capable of, please request a Free Estimate.

We guarantee that our work (and the materials we provide) will be free from defects in craftsmanship for one year from the date your service is completed. All repairs connected to the work we performed are free of charge within that one year period.

  • Our technicians have experience in ceramic, porcelain, glass, natural stone, and mosaic tiles. We’ve ranked them from simplest to most complex:
    1. Ceramic or Porcelain Tiles: Installing small ceramic or porcelain tiles can be straightforward, especially for walls or small spaces. Larger tiles can be more challenging to handle and install without lippage (uneven surfaces between adjacent tiles). Proper leveling and spacing are important.
    2. Glass Tiles: Glass tiles require careful handling due to their fragility. The installation process involves special adhesives and grouts, and achieving a smooth, even surface can be a bit more difficult.
    3. Natural Stone Tiles: Stone tiles like marble, granite, and travertine can be challenging due to their weight, variation in thickness, and potential for staining if not properly sealed. They often require a higher level of expertise.
    4. Mosaic Tiles: Mosaic tiles come in various materials and can be intricate to install, especially if you’re creating complex patterns. They require meticulous attention to detail.

Typically, yes. However, it depends on the underlying issue. If the wall or backing or underlayment has been damaged, or if moisture has compromised the area, it is likely that a more significant area of tile will need to be replaced. It is also important to note that while replacing an individual tile might be possible, finding an exact tile match can be difficult, especially depending on the age of the tile.

We do not offer grout cleaning services. But we will regrout areas of tile, and seal/ caulk tubs, showers, countertops, etc. 

It depends on the specific size, but generally speaking, you can expect a 2 to 3 day project. The tiling itself may not take more than a day, but demolition, wall conditioning, drying/setting time, and grouting must also be considered. 

Generally we do not offer design recommendations. We are certainly able to provide a set of standard tiling patterns, and the technician dispatched for the project will also be a helpful resource. More complex patterns will be more expensive and time consuming. 

We guarantee that our work (and the materials we provide) will be free from defects in craftsmanship for one year from the date your service is completed. All repairs connected to the work we performed are free of charge within that one year period.

No, we can take care of that for you! Our technicians will purchase and deliver the materials to your home if you choose not to purchase them yourself. We typically have a better idea of which materials are best for your project.

As the homeowner who lives in your space everyday, we highly recommend you pick whatever color you want. But we prefer working with Benjamin Moore, specifically their “Regal Select” line. They offer the utmost quality and coverage. If you opt for another brand, we may not be able to warranty the final result.

Yes, we have over a decade of experience in the city with plaster and drywall repair. We think our expert drywall repair services are part of what sets us apart from other handyman services. We actually started out as a painting company!

We paint doors, drywall, metal (exterior iron stairways) patios (wood staining solid stain only) and all wood finishing.

Yes, we can remove wallpaper, and repair any subsequent damages to prep the wall for a fresh coat of paint. However, we do not do wallpaper installation.

FAQ – Quotes

Our quotes are typically valid for 30 days from the issue date. This time frame ensures fairness and accuracy for both parties involved. As time passes, it becomes more challenging to recall all the details of the initial assessment. We aim to ensure that each project is completed with the best possible understanding of your needs. Delaying repairs can also worsen the damage, potentially affecting the scope of the project and the associated costs. Lastly, materials costs fluctuate, and we want to provide you with the most accurate estimate possible.

Please make sure to review the quote carefully. Nothing is assumed– if it is not specifically listed, it is not included. It’s possible a task was left off by mistake, or perhaps is beyond our expertise.

We offer a flat rate for our services because we believe it provides you with greater transparency and peace of mind. With a flat rate, you’ll know upfront exactly how much the service will cost, without any surprises or uncertainties. This approach also allows us to focus on delivering quality results efficiently, without the pressure of working against the clock. Ultimately, our goal is to ensure your satisfaction and make the process as straightforward as possible.

The “Materials Estimate” portion of the quote is only an estimate, not a fixed cost. The final invoice will be based on what is actually purchased and used for the project. While we strive to provide the most accurate estimate possible, the final materials cost could be a bit different than originally estimated.

Fix It People applies a materials markup to account for and cover risks, overhead costs, sourcing expertise, time spent on coordination, financing, and to provide customization and convenience for clients.

Yes, consumer financing is available through Wisetack. Financing covers the quoted total minus the required deposit. Clients pay the deposit upfront, and the loan covers the remainder. If the final cost differs from the original quote, a new quote and loan may be necessary, with no fees charged on expired loans.

FAQ – Invoices

Yes, to update your payment information, simply log into your Jobber Client Portal and visit the Wallet tab. We require one valid payment method be kept on file in order to process the agreed upon project installments. Failure to do so may result in halting any further work.

We do not accept Venmo or Zelle. Our only accepted methods of payment are credit cards, debit cards, ACH payments, and checks.

For projects exceeding $1,000, we have a specific payment schedule requiring a 45% deposit, a 45% progress payment, and the remaining balance upon completion. Clients confirm their understanding of these terms before proceeding, and we expect them to prepare for payments accordingly.

The final balance may vary due to fluctuating material costs, as we do not fix the final balance at a specific percentage or amount. If additional work is performed or additional materials purchased, beyond what was originally quoted, additional costs may also apply.

The quote provided is for the cost of service, not an hourly rate. For example, we block off more days/hours for most projects to account for unforeseen delays, though we don’t necessarily expect each project to take that full amount of time. To mitigate scheduling inconveniences (for ourselves and our clients) we over-schedule the time needed.

The final material cost is variable, depending on what was actually purchased. Various factors contribute to an increased materials total, but we aim to keep clients updated regarding any unforeseen and/or unavoidable cost increases. Please note that a 35% markup is applied to all materials purchased by Fix It People.

Certain activities such as pre-construction preparation, client communication, sourcing specialty materials, etc., are billable even when performed off-site. These costs are factored into our flat-rate labor service, so there won’t be an increase in the total cost. If an additional visit is required due to a client’s lack of preparedness, additional charges may apply.

If you choose to tip our technicians through our billing software (Jobber), 100% of the amount goes directly to the technician(s) who worked on your project. If multiple technicians were involved, the tip would be split evenly. Additionally, technicians receive bonuses for 5-star reviews mentioning them by name.