Service Agreement


By completing this Estimate Approval & Payment Preauthorization Form, I, the Client named below, hereby approve of the estimate contained herein  and desire to proceed with booking this project. I understand and agree to the below terms and conditions of service. 

Initial Deposit 

Fix It People (“FIP”) requires a deposit for all projects prior to scheduling. Payment can be made via ACH transfer or by credit card (3.5% processing charge  will apply). The initial deposit will typically be processed on the same or next business day as formal approval is received. 

Payment Schedule 

For projects where the estimated total is less than $1,000 a 50% deposit is required upon approval. Upon completion of the work a final invoice will  be sent to the Client.  

For projects where the estimated total exceeds $1,000, the below payment schedule will apply.  

  1. 35% Initial Deposit
  2. 35% Payment at Start of Project
  3. 25% Payment at Predominately Complete Milestone
  4. 5% Final Payment upon Completion of Project

Hourly Estimates 

If your proposal includes an hourly estimate, the cost of labor will be based on the actual time required to complete the project and acquire  materials, billed in 15 minute increments. FIP does its best to deliver all projects within the labor cost estimated. If FIP technicians are required to  shop for any specialty materials, this time will be billed at the standard hourly rate.  

Flat Rate Estimates 

If your proposal includes a fixed price estimation the total cost of labor and materials will not change unless: (1) FIP encounters unforeseen  circumstances; or (2) you request a change order containing additional items outside the initial scope of the project. 

Change Orders  

If unforeseen circumstances force a change in the scope of the project or Clients request additional work to be added to the project scope, a formal  estimate will be sent to the client for approval. If the change order is approved, FIP reserves the right to reimburse for the full cost of the additional  work (labor and materials) immediately using the payment method on file. 

Material Orders 

If a Client requests that FIP purchase materials on their behalf (above and beyond those already included in a flat rate estimate) and such materials  exceed $250, FIP reserves the right to be reimbursed for the cost of those materials from immediately using the payment method provided. If FIP  purchases any materials required to complete the project, such materials may be billed to the customer at up to a 35% markup. 

Additional Terms and Conditions 

I further acknowledge and agree to Fix It People’s terms and conditions which can be found at I understand  and agree that if Fix It People does not receive my payment for this project upon its completion and after given the opportunity to provide final  approval, I authorize Fix It People to either: (1) charge the balance of the total amount owed to my credit card; or (2) debit the total amount owed  from my bank (information listed below) after two days without payment. If the estimate requires a deposit in connection with the project, the  appointment will be confirmed upon payment of the deposit, whether by ACH or credit card.